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Interest Income Tax

Resident individuals, unit trust companies and listed closed-end fund companies are exempted from income tax for interest income earned from ringgit-denominated Government bonds and corporate bond and sukuk in Malaysia .

Non-resident investors are also exempted from withholding tax on interest income earned from ringgit-denominated debt securities issued by the Malaysian Government as well as  corporate bond and sukuk approved by the Securities Commission (SC).


Note: The above information is provided for general reference for investors and should not be regarded as professional tax advice. Investors should consult the services of a professional tax adviser in order to determine the actual extent of tax obligations arising from such investments.


Capital Gain Tax

There is no capital gains tax in Malaysia .


Stamp Duty

There is no stamp duty relating to the issuance and transfer of Malaysian Government debt securities or  corporate bond and sukuk approved by the SC.

Last Updated : 05/03/2012 15:12 PM